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Trying Russian Snacks | Universal Yums Russia

In this video Jessica and I are trying Russian Snacks for the first time. Recently we signed up for Universal Yums and have been having so much fun with it we decided to share. The first box we did was Thailand. That was so much fun and had a lot of great snacks in it. Here is the video.

Russian Snacks

This box had a lot of great snacks that are much different from what we are used to here in The United States of America. There were some familiar flavors as well as some flavor combinations that I would have never thought to put together.

Russia has a long history and their cuisine has reached far and wide on this planet. The few Russians I have known in life always had some of the best foods I’ve tried and they have always been so hospitable. When I was very young we had some neighbors that were Russian and loved to let us try their authentic food.

Going back in my lineage we have family from that part of the world in Odessa. From my understanding they are Ukrainian. Admittedly, I don’t know as much about that part of my background as I would like to. I know a lot more about my Irish Heritage. Even though Ukrainians are not Russians I do know that through history they have shared a common place on this planet. I can only imagine they share some similar likes and dislikes when it comes to the culinary arts.

Universal Yums: Snacks From Around the World

Jessica and I started our adventure with Universal Yums a few months back when we got the Thailand Yum Yum box like I mentioned earlier. That box gave us such a great experience with some wild foods that we just had to share the fun and start doing these videos. We have also done Italy, video and post to come, and we have enjoyed it so much that we decided to go up to the highest tier so we will get over 20 snacks in each box from around the world. We get the first Super Yum Box next month and already can’t wait.

There are Three Tiers

Each Box Comes with free shipping and a booklet of trivia and games.

The Yum Box

The Yum box is a fun way to get started when on a budget. There are six plus snacks in each box and starts at $13.75

The Yum Yum

This is the most popular box and the one that got us started. This box gives you six more snacks and also includes bonus recipes and trivia about the foods in the box and other fun information about the country you are “visiting” and starts at $22.92

The Super Yum Box

This one comes with 20+ snacks and everything you get with the other boxes as well. At this point this is going to be our go to. It starts at $35.75 and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Join in the fun Today

While Universal Yums doesn’t pay us for this free advertising they do offer all of their subscribers the ability to earn discounts by sharing their product with others. You get a referral link to give your friends, family and internet connections so get each of you $5 off your next box. If you want to join in the fun click this link below to get started. Currently it is set up to start you with the Italy Box. Have fun!

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Trying Russian Snacks | Comment Below

Thanks for checking out these Russian Snacks with us. Comment below to tell us about your experience or tell what your favorite Russian Snacks are so we can try them too!

I know you’ll love this fun. It makes a great date night in! Until next time. Cheers!