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Protect Internet Traffic with a VPN | Virtual Private Network

You may have heard you need to protect internet traffic with a VPN but do you know why? These days so much of our lives are online and with all of the data breeches and identity theft going on we have never needed to protect ourselves more than now. We send more data about ourselves out in to the world than many people realize. Some of that data is protected but some of it isn’t. In fact what you are doing online is not exactly private.

Your ISP Can See What You are Doing

Sure that Incognito Window in your favorite browser is keeping your computer from storing history but what about your ISP? Your internet service provider can see what you are doing. You may have noticed lately that our personal data is quite valuable and companies are readily selling it to the highest bidder. What if you could mask your identity? What if you could encrypt your internet traffic and make it so even your ISP couldn’t see what was happening? That is where a VPN comes in.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that creates an encrypted connection from your computer or device to remote servers. When any traffic is coming or going from your device the servers are making the connection and the hand offs while maintaining encryption. They are more than that though by using a VPN you get these bennefits

  • Online Security
  • Identity Protection
  • Anonymity
  • Stop Eavesdroppers
  • Unblock Websites (Many Countries Can’t Access Certain Sites to to Censorship)
  • Uncensored Access to the Web

Who Needs A VPN?

If you spend any time online it is my opinion that you need one. The reason for this is that there are many sites and other internet protocols that don’t protect your security the way that they should. If you do online banking or send emails, for that matter, then your information could be protected better.

protect internet traffic with a VPN

Moreover if you have ever connected to or plan to connect to a WiFi network you don’t own you may be putting yourself at risk. Some examples would be the Airport or your favorite coffee shop.

Is Your Internet Traffic Protected?

The banner below will show you if your connection is protected and anonymous. You will either see an IP address that is your IP address and it will even say who your ISP is. If you are already protected the banner will say “You are protected”

Protect Internet Traffic with a VPN with Private Internet Access

Did you see your ISPs name on the banner? If so your traffic is not protected and it is my recommendation that you get yourself a VPN. I use Private Internet Access and have for a couple years now. Getting started is super easy and doesn’t require any computer or network knowledge at all. If you can install an app or a program on your computer then you know everything you need to know to protect your internet traffic with a VPN.

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